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Be an owl paving its way through a tall tree in the hope of saving its children. Overcome obstacles and collect coins to buy various bonuses. But be careful, the evil hunter wants to stop you from getting to the top of the tree.

An evil hunter kidnapped the children of an owl dad. Don't let the hunter commit his atrocities. Save the little owls.

Make your way through a tree, but remember that the power of an owl is not infinite, think carefully about your way.

In the fight against evil, all the ways are good.
Use the bonuses to slow down the hunter for a while and prevent him from cutting down a tree.
Use the bonuses to temporarily improve the owl's endurance and travel faster
But be careful, evil can ruin your plans
The owl's path is not easy and sometimes you may need to brainstorm to get from point a to point b.
Careful, the tree may catch fire and then there will be very little time left to reach the target.
Sometimes your worst nightmares can come to life. The night is dark and full of horrors.
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