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Click, smash and let out your frustration! Tap to smash the sandbox pixel stacks. Destroy as many blocks as you can idle clicker blow and demolition game. Enjoy satisfying explode motion effects and create best score for blocky breaker hyper casual game.

Break all the blocks as quickly as you can! Tune into a hyper casual gaming action with this intense, engaging and highly thrilling pixel block destroyer game. Move your touch as fast as you can to destroy as many blocks as possible. Turn yourself into the ultimate pixel brick demolisher and enjoy a fast-paced gaming thrill.

Move Randomly or Destroy in Sequence

It is your time to destroy whatever comes in your way. You will be presented with random pixel shapes and your goal is to tap on every pixel and break it to collect coins. You can not only choose to destroy the pixels in a specific sequence but also choose to destroy the bricks in a random order. Move as swiftly as you can in any direction and complete the levels.

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